Codyeco Shines at Lineapelle / Simac Tanning Tech
Codyeco prides itself in always creating innovative products that are also considered original as well as having the ability to make the usage of leather more versatile.
Smit & Zoon announce global price increase
Global leather chemicals manufacturer Smit & zoon announced today that it will globally increase the prices of its wet-end and finishing leather chemicals.
Smit & Zoon opens production facility in India
On January 31st, 2018, Smit & zoon has officially inaugurated operations in its production facility in Chennai, India. The plant manufactures a selection of Smit & zoon’s wet-end and finishing leather chemicals to specifically meet the needs of customers in the Indian subcontinent.
Are car manufacturers going to be transparant about their interiors?
As fans gather to witness the unveiling of new car models one question remains – will the car industry have a better understanding of the sustainability of leather versus materials derived from finite resources and be transparent in both its labelling of alternative materials and in its communication with customers?
Smit & Zoon makes a difference @ 35th India International Leather fair: Focuses on Upcycling for the leather Industry
Smit & Zoon jointly with our authorised partners Leer Group participated promoting both SMIT & CODYECO brands and how these brands can make a difference for our customers and for the world around us. The leathers on display were developed focusing on upcycling all from lower selections, slow moving leathers from Indian origin procured from domestic tanneries.

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