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From leather tanning to leather finishing, Royal Smit & Zoon manufactures and supplies a wide range of leather chemicals, for all uses. We embrace a catalyzing role in developing sustainable and biobased chemicals, for a more efficient and environmentally friendly leather production. Our product development is aimed at moving towards products made from renewable raw materials, or products with lower environmental impact.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for our expertise when choosing the right chemicals for creating the highest quality leather for automotive, fashion, shoe, furniture, or other leather goods.

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Our brands

Our three brands offer leather chemical solutions for various stages of the leather-making process:

  • Leather Tanning Chemicals | by our brand Nera
  • Wet-End Chemicals | by our brand Smit
  • Leather Finishing Chemicals | by our brand Codyeco
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Leather Tanning Chemicals

Nera has disrupted the leather tanning market with a truly sustainable, zeolite-based tanning agent, called Zeology. Zeology is chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free and does not compromise on leather performance.

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Leather Chemicals

Wet End Chemicals

Smit is our brand that delivers Wet End chemicals to produce leathers for footwear, leather goods, waterproof, sportswear, automotive, aviation, public transport, furniture and fine materials such as gloves and garments, anywhere in the world.

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Leather finishing chemicals

Leather finishing chemicals

Codyeco is our brand with a full range from beamhouse to finishing with expertise in fashion, footwear and luxury leather goods, allowing leather manufacturers to provide the highest level of quality and to meet the latest trends.

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Our Customers

We understand the need for sustainability, durability and esthetics when it comes to premium leather articles. Our customers are active in all industries that involve leather, such as automotiveaviationfashion and furniture. And, they have one thing in common: our customers all share the urgency for a more sustainable leather value chain.

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We use chemicals everywhere. The shirt you wear has chemicals, everything around us has chemicals involved. As a leather technician, I try our products, chemical solutions, on leather to see how they perform. We try to use and promote bio-based solutions as much as possible.”

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Low bisphenol retanning range with BioTan XP 01L
Renewability range

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About Royal Smit & Zoon

Our ambition is to create a more sustainable leather value chain together. Family values, beliefs and ambitions represent the driving forces behind a culture of sustainability.

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Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is the cornerstone of what we do in our product development and in the solutions we offer to the leather manufacturers. Discover our range of sustainable chemicals.

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