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The Koornzaayer Foundation focuses on education and health care for orphaned and needy children in Kenya and Uganda.

In 2018, the Koornzaayer Foundation teamed up with Victoria Friendly Foundations (a group of local villagers on Rusinga Island, off the coast of Kenya) for a project. This project first started in 2005 with the aim to support orphaned and needy children on the island to meet their unmet basic needs.

So far, a proper package of an integrated early childhood development education has been successfully integrated into the community. Not only do children in the community now receive inclusive education, they are also getting a feeding program, school based health activities and, indirectly, food security and economic development.

It is our aim to work towards a society where all people are able to live a dignified existence with equal and just access for their future.



Almost half of the population on Rusinga Island (35.000) lives below the poverty line. Families on the island have less than $1.32 to spend per day. Because the island mainly belongs to the Abasuba and its fishermen, agriculture has barely been developed. Furthermore, many parents have died from HIV/aids, TB or malaria, leaving many orphaned children underfed, abused, and exploited.

A group of local villagers on the island decided to take responsibility for these children and started to feed and educate them, with the help of the community. In 2014, the Koornzaayer Foundation and Imani Org bought a piece of land on which the building of a school started a year later and was finished in 2018.

Apart from this, the Koornzaayer Foundation also managed to get caretakers to the school to give trainings in subjects such as agricultural techniques. Via this way, it is our hope to gain more food security as well as to educate people on looking at different solutions to further prevent erosion on the island.

The integrated community development program is a six-year program, on the initiative of Victoria Friendly Montessori, De Koornzaayer Foundation, FEMI, Talud, the Catz Charity Foundation and the Peter van Vliet Foundation. Other objectives of this program are:

  • Improved socio- economic status of the community for sustainability.

Outcome: Men and women engage in alternative household income generating activities.

  • Access to Dignified and Sustainable Livelihood and Resilience.

Outcome: Boys and girls, men and women enjoy improved water and sanitation facilities and conducive environments and enhanced agricultural production and environmental conservation

  • Greater access to social services.

Outcome: Boys and girls have access to child-friendly social and counselling services

  • Improved access to quality healthcare.

Outcome: Men and women, boys and girls have access to the highest possible quality healthcare

  • Improved nutrition for children and community.

Outcome: boys and girls have access to proper nutrition in school for greater school retention and the community is enhanced on nutrition awareness in the community

  • Improved equitable access to quality education.

Outcome: Boys and girls are able to access quality and inclusive education.

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