The latest news

Armando Escobedo new president Leather Chemist and Technicians Association in Leon

We would like to congratulate Armando with his new role.

Behind the scenes of Royal Smit & Zoon’s ESG Roadmap and reporting

What is the process behind the ESG report and why is ESG so important? Aukje Berden, ESG Director of Royal Smit & Zoon, explains more about this topic.

Royal Smit & Zoon presents 2023 ESG Report

The annual ESG report highlights Royal Smit & Zoon’s progress, solutions and ambitions dedicated to its mission, to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain, together.

Royal Smit & Zoon certified for renewable energy usage

We are happy to report that all our energy consumption in 2024 and 2025 will be derived from renewable resources, in our case European Wind.

ICLT training

Education the next generation on sustainable leather tanning at ICLT

Our colleagues Craig Munro and Dirick von Behr spent a week at the University of Northampton, Institute for Creative Leather Technologies to educate the next generation about how to tan leather with Zeology.

Leading sustainability performance for Royal Smit & Zoon awarded with EcoVadis Platinum rating

We are proud to announce that Royal Smit & Zoon has been awarded the EcoVadis Platinum rating.

Low bisphenol retanning range with BioTan XP 01L

We offer syntans with low bisphenol values and introduce BioTan XP 01L, an innovative retanning agent 100% free of bisphenol. All our bisphenol optimized solutions are thoroughly tested, both on performance and on bisphenol limits.

Royal Smit & Zoon supports Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

Royal Smit & Zoon has supported the Kiev National University of Technologies and Design with renovating their educational scientific laboratory "Expertise in Leather & Fur". The updated laboratory is now open for classes.

Royal Smit & Zoon has published its 2022 ESG Report

The company has published its ESG Report for 2022, confirming these efforts and highlighting the company’s progress, solutions, and ambitions towards its mission.

Smit China

Certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise for Smit in China

SNLCC has been successfully approved by government for the certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise in Dec 2022, and officially received the certificate of High-Tech Enterprise from the government on 23 Feb 2023.

Aukje Berden confirmed as new member in Leather Naturally Management Board

Royal Smit & Zoon and Leather Naturally are pleased to announce that following a member vote, Mrs. Aukje Berden has been confirmed as a new member of the Leather Naturally Management Board with immediate effect.


Hans van Haarst will resign as CEO

The Board of Management of Royal Smit & Zoon today announces that Hans van Haarst – CEO will resign from his position effective immediately and leave the organization with an orderly transition on July 31, 2023. Marc Smit will assume the CEO role in the Board with immediate effect.