Mission statement

To create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain, together.

Royal Smit & Zoon has the ambition to create a more sustainable leather value chain together. Smit and Codyeco, two of Smit & Zoon’s subsidiaries, were already household names in Wet-end and Finishing. As tanning is a crucial part of the leather value chain as well, Royal Smit & Zoon is now providing tanning solutions, under our subsidiary Nera.

Nera stands for ‘NEw eRA’, as our tanning solutions mark the beginning of a new era: an era of truly sustainable leather manufacturing, throughout the entire leather value chain.

From our awareness about the importance of a responsible leather industry around the world, we want to stress the need for sustainable alternatives in the entire supply chain. To support that goal, we want to cooperate with all stakeholders, from the research centers to competitors and beyond in the leather chain, to share knowledge and innovations, in order to collectively deploy more sustainable technologies and solutions from Nera, Smit and Codyeco brand.

By working together towards the same goal, we aim to improve the leather industry as a whole, and for Royal Smit & Zoon to remain relevant and on top of the market.

Brand Essence

To create sustainable leather together.

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