Research & Development

Research & Development

In the leather industry and technology, R&D is a crucial driver of innovation through developing and translating physical-(bio)chemical science into products and services that satisfy customer needs, and desires.

Our R&D resources consist of highly educated and experienced people operating with a scientific approach, working in our labs and from desk research. To fulfil our ambition “playing a visible role as an innovation catalyst with & for customers in making the leather value chain largely sustainable by 2025.

One of our key strategies is the continuous development of multiple new biobased chemicals to enhance circularity and simultaneously offer solutions that truly create value in the leather value chain. In this way we consistently merge sustainable innovation with profitability and continuity for our customers.

New chemistry means occasionally new safety risks. To manage this, we invest in safety equipment to analyse the processes from beginning to end (e.g. reaction calorimetry and DSC). To control the reactions, analytical equipment like HPLC/GPC/DSC is used.

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