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At our Leather Service Centre, we investigate new products supporting the leather industry becoming innovative and more sustainable. This results in various types of articles to provide our customers with new ideas and solutions.

Research & Development

In the leather industry and technology, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing and translating the basic science into products and services that satisfy customer needs, and desires.

Our R&D resources consist of highly educated (academic) people operating with a scientific approach, working in our labs and from desk research. To fulfil our ambition “playing a visible role as a catalyst in making the leather value chain largely sustainable by 2025”, R&D is working on innovative and more efficient products having bigger biodegradability to reduce waste.

Our key strategy in this process is ensuring to improve the uptake of chemicals instead of shifting the efforts to clean the water to the effluent treatment plant. Our Research team is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for clean water.

New chemistry means new safety risks. To control these risks, we invest in safety equipment to analyse the processes from beginning to end (e.g. reaction calorimetry and DSC). To control the reactions, analytical equipment like HPLC/GPC/DSC is used.



The development of bio-based products - such as the LIFE BIOPOL project - is an important step towards a sustainable future. Smit & Zoon uses the technology of the fourth industrial revolution:

  • Biotechnology - designing products by using novel raw materials with natural origins.
  • Circular economy - the utilization of renewable sources, waste streams re-utilization or smart utilization of low- and no-value biomass side-streams.
  • Products and processes - minimizing the product’s environmental footprint.
  • Biodegradable – reaching for the utmost biodegradability of all waste from the use of our products, as well as of the customer’s final product.

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