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Be part of a warm family company with a clear mission: to make the leather industry environmentally and socially sustainable.

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What is it like working for Royal Smit & Zoon?

About us

Royal Smit & Zoon is the world leading manufacturer of sustainable chemicals for leather manufacturing. We are a family business, started in 1821. That is right, our company exists for more than 200 years. In 2021 we acquired the predicate “Royal” for our focus on innovation and sustainability in the leather value chain. We work closely together with leather makers and brands to produce sustainable leather, for your footwear, car interiors, fashion accessoires and other leather goods.

Royal Smit & Zoon offers you:

  • A challenging working environment with opportunities to develop your talents
  • A good salary and additional employment conditions
  • Being part of a company with a leading role to make the industry more sustainable
  • A long-term focus, visible in the desire for fixed contracts
  • A healthy work/life balance

Working at Royal Smit & Zoon

In 2021 we acquired the predicate “Royal” for the efforts of seven generations of entrepreneurship, innovation and our focus on sustainability in the leather value chain.

The story of Royal Smit & Zoon

Our Purpose & Mission

Creating a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain

Our mission is to create value for customers, shareholders, employees, and society by developing product and process innovations and raising awareness of the need for sustainable solutions in the entire leather value chain. With this mission we help society as a whole, by not only offering leather as a sustainable source for all kinds of products but also by taking care of our planet and of the next generations of people that will be living here.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We care for our customers, for each other and for the world
  • We are driven team players
  • We value and are united by diversity
  • We are committed to make a difference
  • We are passionate experts

Our Guiding Principles help us to make decisions and guide us in our daily behavior and are important to ensure the long-term protection of our culture.

What is it like working in the leather industry?

About the industry

The leather industry is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in the world. The raw hides and skins used in the leather industry come from a waste product of the meat and diary industry. The leather industry has been making a huge progress to manufacture a sustainable and future proof material, bringing comfort, luxury and joy to consumers.

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About leather

A big misconception is that animals are being bred for leather. When it comes to cow, sheep, goat and pig leather, that is never the case. The hides that are used to create leather are a byproduct from the meat and dairy industry. The leather industry isrecycling a byproduct and creating a unique material from a skin that would otherwise mostly end up as landfill. As long as people on this planet will be eating meat and consume dairy, there will be hides and skins.

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Working in the leather industry, as a manufacturer of chemicals, also means collaborating with all stakeholders in the value chain.  We work together with brands like H&M, PUMA, Michael Kors and many other to create beautiful, luxury leather items.

What can Royal Smit & Zoon offer you?

More than 320 employees worldwide have chosen Royal Smit & Zoon because of the opportunities we can offer them.

Working at Smit & Zoon

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