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Royal Smit & Zoon is a great place to work and our people are our most important asset. Working at Royal Smit & Zoon is being part of a warm family history with a modern and innovative attitude. We are always looking for talent join our family, improve our business and help us make the industry more sustainable.

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About Royal Smit & Zoon

Royal Smit & Zoon develops and produces leather chemicals used in the manufacturing of leather for well-known brands of shoes, cars, furniture, clothes, and bags. Royal Smit & zoon is a leading global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries. Our products include wet-end auxiliaries, fatliquors, syntans, dyes, and finishing chemicals. With our focus on innovation, sustainability, and a long-term outlook, Royal Smit & Zoon supports customers in meeting their current and future needs.

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About leather. Did you know…

Meat consumptions causes 7 millions tonnes of bovine hides yearly. The hide accounts for a small amount of the total value of the animal. Therefore the hide is a by-product of the meat industry. 7 million tonnes of hides is an average of roughly 1.000 trucks per day. How do we handle this by-product, we can either loose it or use it. By loosing these hides for example by burning or disposing the hides as land fill would have a massive negative impact on the environment. Instead of causing environmental damage Royal Smit & Zoon promotes the use of hides and turning them into beautiful leather. In this way leather is contributing to a better environment, provided that the leather is manufactured in the most sustainable way.

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Royal Smit & Zoon promotes diversity

As an employer, Royal Smit & Zoon fully support equal opportunity. Hence, one of our guiding principles is that “We value and are united by diversity”. Smit & Zoon has a history in which diversity is celebrated and we embrace each other’s differences and cultural background. We are intrinsically motivated to make a difference and we do this, among other things, by creating a working environment for all our employees.

Royal Smit & Zoon promotes diversity. All of our jobs are open to all applicants regardless of origin, age, gender, physical ability, or sexual orientation. 🏳️‍🌈

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More than 320 employees worldwide have chosen Royal Smit & Zoon because of the opportunities we can offer them.

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