Leaders from New Material High-tech Park visit SMIT factory

On February 9, 2021, just before the Chinese New Year, the new director of the Nanjing New Material High-tech Park led a team that visited SMIT Nanjing plant. After a preliminary assession of our company, he gave an affirmation to our per capita output value and our long-term EHS work – and wished SMIT a prosperous new year.

The director interpreted the current severe situation of the chemical industry in the chemical park and even in China, as well as the policies of local government for chemical industries, and raised a few requirements:

  1. Ensure the safety and security of work during the Chinese Festival holidays period.
  2. As safety and environmental protection is part of the infrastructure of chemical enterprises; please keep a long-term safety and environmental protection around the work.
  3. Make sure that the output per acre continues to rise well in the new year.

Jack Ji, Roy Gao, and Tina Zhang accompanied the director during the tour plant, and Jack Ji expressed a deep thank you to the leaders for their thoughtful care and commitment. He expressed his hope that we would keep our activities around sustainable safety and environmental protection as always, and endeavor our production output and sales volume to hit a new milestone in the new year.

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