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We are pleased to announce the jury members of Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge. The entries and prototypes of the five finalists will be judged by Alessandro Vigano, Marc Smit, Mart Visser, Guisi Ferré and Angelo Lanza. Alessandro will operate as Chairman of the jury.

Marc Smit, 7th generation owner of Smit & Zoon will take part in the jury on behalf or our company.

“I want to leave something behind for future generations which is more than just a smooth-running company. I want to build a company in which not only employees but also society, can take pride, by making the industry in which we are active more sustainable. As a father, as a citizen, and as an entrepreneur, I am very well aware that the leather industry is a polluting sector. We are therefore doing a lot to reduce the burden on the environment. In the production chain of the leather sector, we are situating our tannins closer and closer to the end products. We want to prevent the negative aspects of our footprint as much as possible, or at least keep them as small as possible. An example of that is what we are doing to minimize and eliminate the use of polluting chromium compounds.”

Other Design Challenge jury members

Alessandro Viganò, designer and freelance consultant for the fashion industry, Italy

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Mart Visser, Couturier, The Netherlands

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Giusi Ferré, one of the most successful women in Italian journalism.

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Angelo Lanza, Photographer & Art Director, Italy

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