Product Passport

Smit Wet End product passport

In order to maximize the use of resources and recycling, there has been ongoing need to provide product information with complete knowledge on the composition of a given product and on how it can be dismantled and recycled. This greatly facilitates the creation of a circular economy of resources with beneficial effects also on the environment.

From theory to practice: Royal Smit & Zoon developed a Product Passport. An easy to use tool containing data on the performance of every Smit wet end chemical and its effect on both leather and the environment.

To produce high quality leather with a minimal environmental impact, tanneries need to know and understand the performance of the chemical and its effect on the environment. All this information is reported in the Passport, which contains a detailed list of the physical, chemical and environmental properties of Smit Wet End chemical products.

“The need to achieve traceability of substances throughout the chain is becoming more evident every day,” says Marc Smit, the 7th generation of the Smit family at the helm of the multinational company. “Complete transparency is the most important tool to meet this need. That’s why we have launched the Product Passport.”

Royal Smit & Zoon is committed to continuously improve the performance of our products in order to minimize its use by tanneries and, consequently, the volume of chemicals in waste water. Based on information in the Product Passport, a leather producer is able to choose the products more wisely and, with the help of our technicians, to develop recipes that reduce the impact on the environment. Lowering the cost of environmental processing, while preserving the quality of the leather.

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