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Meet The Board & Global Leadership Team

The board


“Smit & Zoon, with almost 200 years of history, has demonstrated to be resilient and able to adapt to change. The current turmoil in the global leather industry will require strong leadership to guide its players to a secure future. Smit & Zoon commits itself to this change through transformational presence at all levels in the value chain and with all stakeholders. This includes consumers, brands, customers and industry associations and partnerships.”


“At Smit & zoon, we do business differently. With passion, know-how, and with loyalty. Throughout our almost 200-year history, our family business has demonstrated its loyalty to its customers, personnel and principles time and again, always building on our professional, flexible and global approach. Loyalty means being faithful and honest. Which defines our values precisely: to respect our customers, our principles and to each other.”


“Our position in the global leather industry gives us opportunities and responsibilities: as a team, we are building the company for the next generation, as much as we build it for the present one. Through our distinctive service and quality, we serve our clients as they may expect from a company that’s leading the way in its field, proud to fulfil a key position in the journey to a sustainable leather processing industry.”

The Global Leadership Team

Global Commercial Director

Smit & Zoon aims to contribute to a sustainable leather industry by making bio-based products that offer excellent quality and durability and support a healthy work environment. We enable leather manufacturers to make their products of choice and we provide excellent service to support them in their design and innovation goals. Smit & Zoon is committed to actively promote bio-based leather as the preferred choice by producers and increase its desirability with consumers in apparel, automotive, aviation, outdoor and garments.”

Global Director R&D

“Innovation is at the heart of Smit & Zoon. R&D’s mission is to renew our product portfolio and to bring innovations fast and smooth to market, always being deeply rooted in customers’ and market insights. This way we can and will serve our customers to the fullest across leather segments and geographies. One of our focus areas is bio-based solutions, valorizing industrial organic side streams to superior quality products. This tangibly catalyzes sustainable, profitable product developments and brings to life circular economy throughout the leather value chain.”

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

“To support the Board makes me proud, knowing it contributes to the bigger picture of Smit & Zoon. Like the rest of the people here at Smit & Zoon, I am doing my job with great passion and pride and making a difference where it matters. Like every drop makes a difference.”

Business Director – IPB & Managing Director – Smit & Zoon India

“Especially in the leather industry, if there is one region in the world to find out what sustainability can mean to our global society, it’s in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It’s great to be able to offer a solution to some of the world’s toughest problems – and to actually see the results. Smit & Zoon delivers what’s needed.”

Business Director at Codyeco

“In line with its philosophy, Codyeco is constantly focused on pursuing development and growth by satisfying its customers’ needs: the company is currently seeing new expansion in terms of its production, product mix, technology and business status. Being part of Smit & Zoon helps us achieve our goals, always maintaining a sustainable way of production.”

Global Director Marketing & Communication

“Sustainability has been at the core of Smit & Zoon. We take responsibility, leveraging our assets, the services that we provide and acting on our values in order to promote the sustainable development within the leather industry. We want to be the leader in transition towards a socially and environmentally sustainable leather supply chain. Our focus is towards the future of leather and we know, even a small act matters: every drop makes a difference.”

Global Director Operations and QESH

“Sustainability and continuity are key factors in our business strategy that can only be achieved by continuously improving our processes. Thanks to our qualified personnel and the high-quality standards at our plants, we are able to offer our customers operational excellence.”

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