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How to beat the bisphenol threat?

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Making leather: recycling a by-product

How is leather made? And why is leather a sustainable material?

Royal Smit & Zoon is the world leading manufacturer of chemicals for leather manufacturing. We provide solutions for beamhouse, tanning, wet end and finishing with our three main brands Smit, Codyeco and Nera.

With various sustainable innovations we are offering true differentiators for the leather industry. We are committed to continue to develop new sustainable products and solutions throughout our product offering, as each drop makes a difference.

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Low bisphenol retanning solutions

Discover our special range of wet end solutions optimized on bisphenol for high quality leather. We offer syntans with low bisphenol values and introduce BioTan XP 01L, an innovative retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol.


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