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Smit & Zoon is enabling the production of leather for all types of footwear and leather goods. From luxury to safety shoes and products for daily use, our materials meet the requirements needed for any segment. And remaining true to the principles of our company, everything is produced according to the highest demands around quality and environment, such as LWG and ZDHC. Moreover, thanks to our experts at Codyeco, we make sure to keep up with the latest fashion trends and developments.

Design Challenge

We are  proud to present to you Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge 20|21, a competition between 5 talented young designers from 5 different countries. Their goal is to create shoes for the high-end of the fashion industry, with an emphasis on the sustainability of their products. The challenge started in October 2020 and will have its grand finale at the 200th anniversary of Smit & Zoon, in May 2021.

The Design Challenge is an initiative of Smit & Zoon and supported by the expertise of the Arsutoria Design School in Milan, Italy.

Go to Designchallenge.info

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