Sustainable Solutions

Discover our sustainable solutions for the leather industry. Smit & Zoon is committed to continue to develop new products and solutions throughout our product offering as each drop makes a difference.


The Optitan range of products which are highly concentrated, low salt, synthetic retanning agents, allowing a reduction of product usage, lower environmental impact and reduction of cost of effluent treatment:


Our Safetan Range consists of products that exceed the latest standards concerning free monomers (such as formaldehyde, phenol) and all restricted substance chemicals:

Product Passport

Our Product Passport is an easy to use tool, containing data on the performance of every wet-end chemical and its effect on both leather and the environment.

Simplicity in Wet-End Leather manufacturing.

Simplicity is a concept for reducing the complexity of the leather-making process itself. The aim is to simplify and boost the efficiency of post-tanning operations.

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