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Sustainable Solutions

As a purpose-led leather focused company, sustainability is the cornerstone of what we do in our product development and in the solutions we offer to the leather manufacturers. We are continuously seeking for improvements in how our products can be used for a more efficient and environmental friendly leather production. In our product development the aim is to move step by step to products from renewable raw materials or products with lower environmental impact.

We have developed various sustainable solutions that are true differentiators for the leather industry.

Smit & Zoon is committed to continue to develop new products and solutions throughout our product offering as each drop makes a difference.


The Optitan range of products which are highly concentrated, low salt, synthetic retanning agents, allowing a reduction of product usage, lower environmental impact and reduction of cost of effluent treatment:

Life Biopol

Our new bio-based products coming out of the Life-BIOPOL project:


Our Safetan Range consists of products that exceed the latest standards concerning free monomers (such as formaldehyde, phenol) and all restricted substance chemicals:

Product Passport

Our Product Passport is an easy to use tool, containing data on the performance of every wet-end chemical and its effect on both leather and the environment.

Simplicity in Wet-End Leather manufacturing.

Simplicity is a concept for reducing the complexity of the leather-making process itself. The aim is to simplify and boost the efficiency of post-tanning operations.

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