Queen Máxima visits Smit & Zoon in Weesp

Image: ©RVD – Martijn Beekman

We are proud to announce that Her Majesty Queen Máxima will be visiting Smit & Zoon in Weesp on Wednesday afternoon, 26 May. The reason for the visit is the 200th anniversary of our company.

Innovation and sustainability are the central themes during Queen Máxima’s visit to Weesp. Smit & Zoon is a 7th generation family business that started in 1821 as a stockfish and cod liver oil trader on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. With an impressive series of innovations and adjustments, Smit & Zoon has grown into a company that makes specialized products for the leather industry. Products sold worldwide to tanneries to produce bags, shoes, car upholstery and furniture, among other things. Innovation has remained at the heart of the business from generation to generation. Each subsequent Smit & Zoon built on the results of their forefathers’ work and always added something new of himself.

Creating value for society
In 2021, as in 1821, the compass will be focused on innovation. Not only for Smit & Zoon and its brands Nera, Smit and Codyeco, but for the entire leather industry. Smit & Zoon has set itself the goal and is well on its way to creating an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable learning chain in 2025, in collaboration with stakeholders. After all, leather is a by-product of the food industry and has the potential to be superior to plastic and
other alternative materials. The group also focuses on the development of sustainable technologies through research and education. Innovation in 2021 means taking the responsibility that can be expected of an industry leader.

The visit on May 26
During this company visit, Queen Máxima will receive an introduction to the 200-year history of the family business and an explanation of how Smit & Zoon is working on making the leather industry more
sustainable. Owner Marc Smit discusses the significance of 200 years of family tradition and sustainability and guides Queen Máxima along the factory hall. Dirick von Behr, Technical Manager & Zeologist, talks
about the leather making process. CEO Hans van Haarst explains the importance of circularity and the role of Smit & Zoon in this and finally Daniëlle Okkinga-Koenen, Global Director Marketing &
Communication, zooms in on education as a constant factor of improvement for the leather industry.

During the visit, the generally applicable guidelines for combating the corona virus are observed.

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