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ILM Podcast with Hans van Haarst: Key developments in the leather industry

Hans van Haarst talks in this ILM podcast about the new tanning technology Zeology and key developments in the leather industry.

Nera Tanning launches Biodegradability of Leather campaign

How can we make leather biodegradable? Attend the online Masterclass about Leather Biodegradability and download the whitepaper.

PFC-free water repellent leather coating with Aguastop W 200

With proud we introduce AGUASTOP W 200. A truly innovative product. An interaction between material science technology and special functional polysiloxanes that allowed us to engineer a completely PFC free product.

Transparency in leather tanning: Smit & Zoon shares the science of sustainable new tanning agent

Today Smit & Zoon is airing two films about the science and chemistry about their new sustainable tanning agent Zeology with the aim to inspire leather technicians, tanneries, leather manufacturers, brands and designers.

Automotive Leather Supply Chain Digital Forum with Smit & Zoon

On December 9 2020 Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon, will be presenting in ILM’s Automotive Leather Supply Chain Forum. Together with other leading names from the global automotive leather supply chain Hans will discuss the current state of the sector, key challenges, market trends and the role of leather.

Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge 20/21

We proudly present the Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge, a competition between 5 talented young designers from 5 different countries. Their goal is to create shoes for the high-end of the fashion industry, with an emphasis on the sustainability.

Leather Learning Series by Textile Exchange

First webinar of a series of three: The inherent sustainability of leather!

Smit & Zoon on India International Leather Fair

Smit & Zoon takes part in the India International Leather Fair. This 35th edition of IILF will be held from February 1-3 2020 at Channai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam Chennai.

Smit & Zoon achieves highest level of ZDHC-certification

Smit & Zoon has received the highest level of ZDHC certification, proving that its products for the leather industry meet all requirements connected to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

Smit & Zoon to use Beet Pulp as an alternative to chemical ingredients in leather production

Thanks to research by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research in close collaboration with Smit & Zoon, the production of leather can become more sustainable. The research has shown that pectins from sugar beet pulp are suitable as bio-based ingredients in the production of leather.

Smit & Zoon achieves highest level of ZDHC certification

We are proud to announce that Smit & Zoon has received the highest level of ZDHC certification, proving that our products meet all requirements connected to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

Leather Naturally starts funding for METCHA year 2

Leather Naturally announced the success story of their Global Marketing Campaign METCHA and started the funding for the second year of this campaign that was launched in July 2019.