Smit & Zoon becomes Micro-Fresh’s partner for leather

Smit & Zoon has obtained exclusive distributorship for the use of Micro-Fresh products on leather worldwide – excluding the United States of America. Smit & Zoon, including its subsidiary Codyeco and agents, has a global network that will be used to supply the Micro-Fresh products and services for leather finishing. This partnership enables Micro-Fresh to expand and us to support the use the Micro-Fresh products on leather.

More about MicroFresh

Micro-Fresh is a unique antimicrobial on the market for being tested and effective against coronavirus on leather. A recent independent study by Europe’s leading Micro-biologist, Dr Katie Laird found Micro-Fresh offers leather anti-viral protection. The study found Micro-Fresh inactivates coronavirus after 2 hours on leather.

All Smit & Zoon staff and distributors will receive the necessary information, training and qualification in the coming period to support, supply and certify Micro-Fresh products for leather.

Improved quality and durability

“We believe that partnerships and collaborations are key to catalyze the process to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. We are therefore very pleased to share and use Micro-Fresh’s technology to not only improve the quality of leather, but also the durability – an important aspect of sustainability,” says Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon.

Micro-Fresh in leather

Micro-Fresh® has been incorporated into a variety of leather goods for over 15 years to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Micro-Fresh® is easily incorporated into all leather finishes from fully pigmented corrected grain to nubuck, across each step of the process from dyeing to finishing. Micro-Fresh® offers antibacterial and antifungal protection across all leather components of the car interior that prevents the growth of mould during transit. The technology also prolongs the lifetime of leather.

“This is a great partnership at such a pivotal time, especially after working with leather for over 20 years. Our heritage comes from leather, and now with our recent anti-viral research, we are proud to be associated with a trusted leather brand,” says Byron Dixon, Founder and CEO of Micro-Fresh.

For more information visit the website of Micro-Fresh.

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