Royal Predicate for Smit & Zoon


On the occasion of our 200th anniversary, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has granted Smit & Zoon the Royal predicate.

It is with the utmost pride that we inform you that His Royal Highness the King of the Netherlands has acknowledged Smit & Zoon’s bicentennial and past successes with the Royal predicate. From now on, we will be  “Royal Smit & Zoon”.

“For our company, this is literally and figuratively the crown on our work. With this honor, the King is granting Smit & Zoon a visible reward for the efforts of seven generations of entrepreneurship, innovation, and care for our customers.”

Marc Smit, Owner Smit & Zoon

When our founder Albert Smit, captain of De Koornzaaijer, sailed away in 1821, he was looking for something new. Now, exactly 200 years later, the seventh generation Smit & Zoon still knows that ‘a drop can make a difference’. It’s is rewarding to see that effort translated into not only a dominant position in our global industry but also recognition from the royal family.

Road to innovation and sustainability

For us, this is also an incentive to continue on our road to sustainable innovation. In 2021, being innovative comes with responsibility: creating a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. Our core mission is the same as it was in 1821: to create value for customers, shareholders, employees, and society through developing product and process innovations. More than ever, we reach these goals by also answering the need for sustainable solutions in our value chain.

About the Royal predicate

The predicate ‘Royal’ was introduced in the year 1807 by the first king of the Netherlands, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. The king can award any company, association or institution the right to use ‘Royal’ in their name. To be eligible, an organisation must hold a highly prominent position within its field, be of national importance and have an existence for at least a hundred years. The size of the company, its operational management, its workforce and its revenue are all taken into account. The King himself is the only formal institute authorised to confer the designation.

About Smit & Zoon

Smit & Zoon started out in 1821 and has since grown into a worldwide renowned player that develops solutions for the leather industry. Our customers are active in industries such as automotive, high-end Fashion, and Upholstery, where sustainability is of the utmost importance. Globally, Smit & Zoon has over 400 employees. Its headquarters are situated in Weesp, the Netherlands. Smit & Zoon also has entities in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), Germany, Italy, China, India, and Mexico.

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