Automotive Leather Supply Chain Digital Forum with Smit & Zoon

On 9 December 2020 Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon, will be presenting in ILM’s Automotive Leather Supply Chain Forum. Together with other leading names from the global automotive leather supply chain, Hans will discuss the current state of the sector, key challenges, market trends and the role of leather, as well as give an outlook on the future of the industry amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Exclusive insight in chemistry & science Zeology

Hans van Haarst will be focusing on the opportunities for sustainable leather in the automotive industry. Participants will receive an exclusive insight in the science and technology of Zeology, the newest innovation in sustainable leather tanning.

Key topics

  • Growth projections, opportunities and key automotive trends affecting auto leather stakeholders (e.g. new demands on hygiene and sanitation / changing mobility trends such as CASE in light of Covid-19).
  • How consumers perceive leather as a sustainable and desirable interior component compared with other materials.
  • OEM case study – Artisanal craftsmanship and leather to create unique leather car interiors.
  • The use of new innovative low impact leather chemicals and bio-based chemicals from renewable carbon sources in modern automotive leather.
  • How to make automotive leather more sustainable with lower environmental footprint and end-of-life impact.

General information & registration

The ‘ILM Digital Automotive Leather Supply Chain Forum’ will be a 2.5 hour online event hosting high-calibre industry speakers, as well as a number of interactive features such as Q&As, a panel discussion, live polls and virtual networking opportunities via private chat among attendees.

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