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Smit & Zoon releases 2020 CSR Report

Smit & Zoon has published its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for 2020, highlighting the company’s environmental and social performance. The report is describing the company’s challenges for the future and the progress it is making towards its mission ‘to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather supply chain by 2025’.


Despite the impact of Covid-19 Smit & Zoon is reporting strong progress towards its long-term goals with some specific highlights including:

  • ZDHC Conformance Level 3 for its product range
  • the introduction of the new product (Biopol, Optitan) ranges focusing on bio-polymers and optimized leather performances
  • the launch of Zeology, the new standard in leather tanning, and a sustainable and chrome-free alternative to existing tanning agents.

Hans van Haarst, CEO of the Smit & Zoon group commented:

I am really proud of our global team that has done a remarkable job in a difficult period. Together with our customers, our agents, various brands and many others, we have been able to do our part in supporting society by upcycling the hide, a byproduct from the meat industry, into a long-lasting material with unique characteristics. This year we celebrate our 200 years of existence and we look forward to a sustainable future with confidence!’

Download the full report

Introduction on the CSR report

Watch an explanation of the CSR Report by Egbert Dikkers, Global Director Sustainability Smit & Zoon:

The video is also available with subtitles in FrenchItalianPortugeseRussian and Spanish.

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