Royal Smit & Zoon presents 2021 ESG Report

Leather chemicals manufacturer Royal Smit & Zoon has published its Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) report for 2021, highlighting the company’s environmental and social performance. The report is describing the company’s challenges for the future and the progress it is making towards its mission ‘to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather supply chain’. Despite the impact of Covid-19 Royal Smit & Zoon is reporting strong progress towards its long-term goals with some specific highlights.

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An Appeal To The Industry

The Board of Management of Royal Smit & Zoon would like to introduce this report with an appeal to the whole industry: “The future of our industry depends on our ability to convince the end-consumer of the environmental, social and economic competitiveness of leather as a circular material. The technologies exist, no inventions are needed. However, we collectively need to do the right thing and attract the young generation and talent. Doing the right thing means making decisions based on facts, proactively exclude those from our value chain who do not share our values and vision and chose to continue with the practices of the past.  Let our ESG report be a contribution to this goal and an inspiration for many.”

Board of Management Royal Smit & Zoon, from left to right: Hans van Haarst, Marc Smit, Dennis Maas 

New Title: From CSR to ESG

From CSR report to ESG report. Royal Smit & Zoon has chosen for a new title, in line with what the market as a whole is adopting and more comprehensive on our achievements and actions. At the same time, it is a logical continuation of what we have been reporting over the past years, true to our strategy.



All our achievements are part of our strategy and long-term goal towards creating a socially and environmentally sustainable leather supply chain. Three specific accomplishments in 2021:

  • Royal Status
    His Majesty the King of the Netherlands awarded Smit & Zoon with the Royal predicate. As of July 2021, we became “Royal Smit & Zoon”.  With this honor, the King granted Smit & Zoon a visible reward for the efforts of seven generations of entrepreneurship, innovation, and care for our customers. This is also an incentive to continue our road of sustainable innovation.
  • EcoVadis Gold ranking
    EcoVadis accredited Royal Smit & Zoon with GOLD in 2021, meaning that we belong to the top 7% of companies audited by EcoVadis.
  • Zeology, from concept to products
    What a year it has been for our brand Nera. From the launch of Zeology in October 2020 to a worldwide adoption by brands and tanneries of this patented zeolite-based tanning in 2021. PUMA, Anya Hindmarch, Mart Visser, EMMA Safety Footwear and Italic are just a couple of brands that have created leather goods with Zeology

Digital Magazine

This year’s report is presented in an animated, digital magazine. Take a virtual walk through all our drops that made a difference in 2021 and dive in to the topics you want to know more about. The ESG Report takes you through our ESG strategy, ESG landscape and environmental, social and governance achievements.

Visit the ESG Report 2021

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