Synthol ZLS 246: Tailor made fatliquor for Zeo White

Main fatliquor for exceptional inner softness and especially developed for Zeo White

Smit is introducing Synthol ZLS 246, a well-balanced main fatliquor based on synthetic and natural oils. Synthol ZLS 246 is tailor made for Zeo White and provides a good fibre lubrication, inner softness, an even milling pattern and a warm, full and pleasant fluffier handle. Synthol ZLS 246 provides a unique balance in softness and fullness, without compensating on the tightness and whiteness of the leather. Additionally, it has low fogging and emission values. 

Synthol ZLS 246 can function as the base fatliquor for all kinds of leather articles. Leather character specifics on Zeo White can be achieved by combining Synthol ZLS 246 with other fatliquors such as Synthol CS 588, Sulphirol HF 377, Sulphirol AF 300 and Syncotan TL. 

Zeo White, the Zeology tanned leather intermediate

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