Fashion Trends Summer 2019

Fashion Trends Summer 2019

Leather has always been considered the undisputed queen of fashion, a noble and fascinating material thanks to its remarkable characteristics of resistance, durability and elegance.

The philosophy of the Codyeco brand considers the creation of leather not just a mere tanning activity but something much more primitive that starts from an idea and continues with an explosion of imagination. Every six months, Codyeco creates fashion collections with which it offers a wide range of items and shades of colors in order to be able to satisfy the requests of customers.

The realization of the collection is taken care of by the Codyeco Development Team of the wet-end and finishing departments in collaboration with the specialized agency of Milan that offers important support in the care of the aspects of style and fashion.

Fashion trends Summer 2019

The fashion trends for summer 2019, created in September 2017, have recalled the pleasure of creating precious, luminous and surprising effects, always with the careful research of the essential. The materials have been renewed, identified with the use of personal taste and tactile emotions, which will give life to an explosion of colors attenuated by the natural tones of the earth in any shade.

New Leather Trend

The new trend leads the leather in unprecedented journeys of desire for rebirth that smell of exotic places without boundaries of time or space. To better capture the emotions of the trend, four thematic-sensorial sectors were identified: SUMMER BREEZE, MIDNIGHT JUNGLE, EVERGREEN and RE-START.

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