Fashion trends Codyeco fall – winter 2019/2020

Fashion trends Codyeco fall – winter 2019/2020

An emotional journey between classic and innovation.

Santa Croce sull’Arno, May 3, 2018 – A desire for innovation with a classic taste is what you can sense inside the Codyeco showroom, where today the new Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection dedicated to Fashion & Luxury Industry customers was presented. All the displayed items are available to be viewed by customers. The realization of the collection was made with the utmost care and attention to the style and fashion aspects by the Codyeco Development Team of both the wet-end and finishing departments. The philosophy of the Codyeco brand in this collection is inspired by the research for new materials and colors with the awareness of the value of the beauty of past things.


“We are very satisfied with the result that we have obtained”, said Alessandro Picchi, responsible for the new collection, “the new trend is divided, as usual, into four thematic-sensorial sectors: MEMORY, FROZEN STORM, SLOW FUTURE, and NOBLESSE BOUDOIR. The items are predominantly of classical inspiration to which our Development team wanted to give a modern characterization by inserting innovative elements.”

The new trend takes the leather on a journey of memory, where the predominant colors in the nuance of the natural tones of the earth to intense purple suddenly find themselves in the midst of a cold winter storm with cold shades with metallic and icy effects. Then the gaze into the future shows the discovery of new and sophisticated horizons of rebirth where the delicacy of the colors of the rose are faded, with pearlescent effects that make everything extremely elegant. The journey ends in a noble living room, with a classic and lush flavor, inspired by the world of precious fabrics with fascinating textures in dark shades, illuminated by intense green in a metallic and opaque version.

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