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As a tannery your goal is to deliver high-quality leather to meet your customer’s demand. At the same time, you are challenged to continuously improve the sustainability in your processes and in your materials. A sustainable leather production is not an option, but a necessity. For your business and for our planet. Royal Smit & Zoon is your partner in differentiating you as a sustainable and futureproof tanner.

We help you create real impact and maximize environmental benefits by optimizing your entire leather recipe with our ecoSimplicity tool and bio-based solutions.

Download the whitepaper:

ecoSimplicity: rethinking post-tanning processes

ecoSimplicity is your helping hand to boost the efficiency of post-tanning operations and to enable an environmentally friendly leather production at the same time. This approach demonstrates that by rethinking and simplifying conventional processes, high quality leather can be achieved in terms of looks, handling and other properties. The main benefits of ecoSimplicity:

  • The leather making process involves fewer steps
  • It enables water and energy saving
  • Safer for operators because there is less handling involved on the busy factory floor
  • More renewable leather by maximizing the use of existing and new innovative bio-based chemicals

Are you interested to know more about ecoSimplicity and the possibilities for your tannery?

Laurence Irwin Global Product Manager Wet End

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