A Perfect Model of Circularity: Return To Nature collection by Anya Hindmarch

Fashion game-changer Anya Hindmarch has created a bag collection that can decompose back to earth. The collection, that is called Return To Nature, has been designed to be capable of degrading naturally – from earth, to cow, to bag, to earth and on again in a model of perfect circularity.

“A few years ago I heard Arizona Muse (environmentalist and sustainability specialist) talking about the idea of a leather bag that could be tanned in a way that allowed it to biodegrade and return to the earth at the end of its life. There is no waste in nature, and this and Arizona’s words inspired me to embark on a lengthy project to see if I could make a beautiful bag from responsibly sourced leather, without using any hardware and tanned in a way that meant that it could biodegrade and ultimately return to nature. This is what I set out to do.”
Anya Hindmarch, founder and CEO.

In support of DIRT, the foundation for the regeneration of the soil.

“I was challenged by the idea of a zero-waste future and inspired by the circularity of nature – the collection is designed to biodegrade, compost and return to the earth, nourishing the soil at the end of its useful life.” Anya Hindmarch

Read the interview with Anya Hindmarch on Leather Naturally.


Made with Zeology tanned leather

Royal Smit & Zoon is proud to present this collaboration with Anya Hindmarch and our subsidiary Nera. The Return To Nature tote and bucket bag styles are crafted from Zeology leather – aldehyde free, heavy metal free and chrome free – and can biodegrade naturally back to earth.

Read an extensive interview with Anya Hindmarch in Calendar Magazine.

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