Transparency in leather tanning: Smit & Zoon shares the science of sustainable new tanning agent

In October of this year Smit & Zoon has launched their new company Nera, and a revolutionary new tanning agent called Zeology. Chrome-free, heavy metal-free and aldehyde-free. In an industry where the demand for transparency is higher than ever, Smit & Zoon has now taken the next step in sharing the scientific information about their innovation.

Introducing the science of Zeology

Today Smit & Zoon is airing two films with the aim to inspire leather technicians, tanneries, leather manufacturers, brands and designers. The two films are suitable for all viewers but differ on the level of complexity. We present:

  • The technical film
    An in-depth and scientific-based informative and appealing explanation of how zeolite works for leather tanning. You can watch the video here.
  • The brand film
    This version is an inspirationally and scientifically sound animation, which explains the need for Zeology and the working of zeolite in a very easy to comprehend way. You can watch the video here.

University of Zeology

Being transparent and sharing our knowledge, that is the aim of Nera. That is why we have set up the University of Zeology. The university is a digital environment for tanneries, brands, designers, OEM’s and everyone else who wants to learn more about sustainable tanning. It contains whitepapers, position papers, video’s, downloads and more, available for everyone. New articles are added weekly.

More information

For additional information about the films or Zeology please contact Danielle Koenen, Global Marketing Manager of Smit & Zoon.

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