Nera Tanning launches Biodegradability of Leather campaign

Online Masterclass ‘Biodegradability of Leather’

On Thursday 25 February Nera Tanning, a Smit & Zoon subsidiary, will be hosting an online masterclass about leather biodegradability. Biodegradability is a hot topic among brands, consumers, tanneries and leather technicians. And an important subject, because the urgency for materials – like leather – to degrade back into the natural environment and to reduce pollution is higher than ever. Biodegradability is therefore a vital subject to understand and to talk about.

Nera Tanning will share knowledge, facts & figures and test results during the Biodegradability Masterclass and is inviting tanneries, brands, OEM’s and designers to join.

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Free registration – possibility to send in questions

Registration for the masterclass is free of charge. “We also invite participants to send in their questions regarding the topic, so we can address them during the masterclass. We want to have this important dialogue and share our knowledge, so all stakeholders in the leather value chain can take an important step into making this leather value chain more transparent and more sustainable”, says Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon and one of the speakers at the masterclass.

Whitepaper ‘Biodegradability and disintegration of leather’

In the run up to the masterclass Nera Tanning has released a scientific whitepaper about the biodegradability and disintegration of leather. The whitepaper is unique in the leather industry as it provides transparency and clarity in a well-founded matter. The whitepaper is now available on the website as a download.

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