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Environmental Sustainability Explained in two webinars

Earlier this year Smit & Zoon has an FAQ paper about Environmental Sustainability, in which we explain the basics for a better understanding of this topic, focusing on the leather industry. We will further discuss this much debated topic in a series of two webinars called Environmental Sustainability Explained.

Webinar Part 1: Understanding the Basics of Sustainability

Topics, among others:

  • Where do materials come from: Bio-based vs. Fossil-based?
  • What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?
  • Product lifecycle Models

Webinar Part 2: Sustainability & Data: Life Cycle Assessments

Topics, among others:

  • The difference between LCA and Carbon Footprint
  • What is needed to perform an LCA?
  • How do you use an LCA to quantify sustainability?

For who?

Participation is free of charge and we invite everybody interested in this important subject, in specific professionals involved in the leather value chain. From tanneries to the fashion, furniture & automotive industry and from leather technicians to designers and material/sourcing/innovation managers.

Learn more about the webinars

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