Leather Naturally starts funding for METCHA year 2

Leather Naturally starts funding for METCHA year 2

Leather Naturally announced the success story of their Global Marketing Campaign METCHA and started the funding for the second year of this campaign that was launched in July 2019.

METCHA is a platform that aims at bringing together young creative minds together from around the globe, with a strong focus on leather. The latest statistics from October show that the content was seen more than 23 million times on Facebook and Instagram.

After a successful industry crowdfunding earlier this year, an amount of USD 1.5 million was raised from a group of approximately 90 industry leaders that believed in the campaign proposal to promote leather to young generations around the world. The METCHA campaign was set up as a multiyear campaign and it is because of the success that the campaign will now start crowdfunding for year 2.

METCHA is inspiring new generations of tastemakers, trendsetters and style conscious individuals to understand and see leather as a creative partner. In the next months, Leather Naturally will reach out to the industry and request for support to continue METCHA as an important tool to promote leather to new generations. Leather Naturally needs industry leaders and everyone making money from the leather industry to stand up and support this campaign for the benefit of our whole industry.

For more information on the campaign please get in touch via [email protected] or donate directly via scanning below code or via http://eepurl.com/gjl-rn

Smit & Zoon is a strong supporter of Leather Naturally through membership, donation to the METCHA campaign and by giving time to [email protected] to chair the association. We are extremely proud about our agent network that has been among the METCHA campaign donators!

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