World Leather Day – March 30th 2022

World Leather Day 2022 will be introduced on March 30 by Leather Working Group (LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN), with the aim of getting everyone talking about leather, raising awareness about the positive attributes of leather, and encouraging the industry to participate in next year’s event. World Leather Day 2022 conveys the core message that Leather is a durable, versatile, and upcycled material.

“Leather Working Group is centered around positive collaboration, and we are proud to be one of the initiating partners of World Leather Day. It is an exciting communications event that aims to raise awareness and give the industry a well-deserved moment of the positive press” explains Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group.

Over the years, the leather industry has suffered from a lack of communication and as a result, this has impacted the understanding of people outside of the industry. But a future with greater connectivity, transparency, and communication provides our industry with the opportunity to convey our own image. This is one of the key drivers for World Leather Day.

Leather is versatile. The skills of the leather makers take the same basic raw material and turn it into a many different ‘fabrics’ with different qualities and benefits. Leather can be engineered to be durable enough for furniture yet soft enough for comfort footwear. It will make the finest dress gloves or protective, abrasion resistant motorcycling gloves. Leather makes the most supple of jackets or the firmest of walking boots.

“Leather Naturally is pleased to be involved in organizing the World Leather Day to inspire brands, designers, and consumers about the sustainability of leather and the important role it plays in a circular society where nothing is wasted, everything can be reused, and ultimately is biodegradable,” comments Egbert Dikkers, Chair of the Leather Naturally Management Board and Global Sustainability Director at Royal Smit & Zoon.

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Get a better understanding of the certified leather product you buy: go to the website of the Leather Working Group
Get the facts, understand leather: go to the website of Leather Naturally

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