Liquid Leather Dyes

Ecometal, liquid dyes for leather

Ecometal is a new innovative range of liquid dyes for water based finishing application.

The dyes have been engineered to be more sustainable through the use of special acid dyes that do not contain any complexing metals in their molecules and therefore they can be considered as metal-free and they are fitting with the most stringent eco-toxicological characteristics currently required.

Ecometal dyes are extremely versatile and they can be used by spray, curtain coater, roller coater and they are particularly suggested for immersion dyeing system.

Product characteristics of Ecometal

Ecometal liquid leather dyes show:

  • High concentration
  • High tinctorial strength
  • Pure and brilliant shade
  • High uniformity and levelling
  • Outstanding performances in PVC migration

Ecometal is ZDHC registered and part of the range of high quality leather finishing products from Codyeco.

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