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Leather is our passion, it is the essence of what we do

The quality of our solution portfolio, from Beamhouse to Finishing, contains both the experience of leather making and the latest technologies for a sustainable production of leathers. Everything is conceived and designed to transform an ancient and natural material into a unique and precious leather article.

Finishing determines the appearance of the final surface of the leather and the surface properties. This includes colouring, waterproofing, wax dressings, but also mechanical processing stages such as ironing or embossing of the leather.

With many years of experience our people provide a constantly high-quality product. We are prompt and flexible in meeting customer demands and we use our expertise and know-how to create high-quality leathers that meet the demands of our customers, with a clear focus on creating sustainable leather together.

Aguastop W 200: PFC-free water repellent leather coating

We proudly present the new generation in leather finishing water repellent products. Aguastop W 200 is a water-based product that gives water repellent protection to all kind of leather items. In line with the sustainability policy of Smit & Zoon – we have undertaken the commitment to eliminate all ingredients belonging to the chemical family of PFC (perfluorocarbons) from our products portfolio within 2020.

After intensive research we have been able to succeed in producing a water-based product that gives water repellent protection to all kind of leather items. A truly innovative product.

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