Making leather is no longer the art it once was. Leather makers now have to comply with such a vast amount of legislation and other regulations that the actual process of producing leather has been effectively sidelined.

Simplicity is a concept for reducing the complexity at the heart of your operations: the leather-making process itself. Simplicity is an approach developed by Smit & zoon to simplify and boost the efficiency of post-tanning operations. The concept demonstrates conclusively that by rethinking and simplifying conventional processes, leathers can still be made to meet every demand in terms of looks, handling and other properties.

Simplicity means a helping hand in your quest for lean and sustainable processes as well as for an environmentally-friendly stamp on the leathers you produce – thanks to a measurable saving in water and energy use.

Adopting the Simplicity approach will ultimately lead to a reduction in costs and demonstrate you are a sustainable producer who is modernising your working methods out of consideration for the environment.

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