Whitepaper Leather Strength

The causes and prevention of reduced strength properties in leather

In this whitepaper Royal Smit & Zoon is sharing a synopsis on the topic ‘Strength Properties’. Learn about the different ways to measure leather strength (e.g. tear strength, tensile strength), the causes of strength loss, and remedies to reduced leather strength.

How to control leather strength?

Strength properties have always been a topic of discussion, both for thicker, firmer leathers and for soft and light nappa’s. A test to give oneself a first impression of the strength is done by cutting a small distance from the edge and then tearing it by hand.

It is simple but effective way of assessing the leather. Subsequent calibrated testing more often than not confirms one’s suspicions.

Many factors influence the leather’s strength properties. Insufficient strength properties are usually a result of a damaged fibre structure. It can occur in many stages of the process. The problem may be traced to soaking or liming, splitting or shaving and even to retannage and fatliquoring.

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