The Italian leather bag in Don’t Look Up

As leather enthusiasts we watched the American satire movie Don’t Look Up with extra attention. The leading roles are for Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, two low-ranked astronomers who discover an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth and must go on a giant media tour to warn the world. And how else to try and save the world then with a leather bag…  The Italian leather bag makes a lasting impression as it hardly ever leaves the side of astronomer Randall Mindy, played by DiCaprio.

La Conceria reports that the bag is made by a US brand that began manufacturing in 1933 making saddles and the natural handbags were the entity’s reaction to the crisis in 1929. “Within the movie’s context, which is full of symbolism and messages, it’s a great thing that the professor carries the leather bag with him at all times.” Read the full article.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor, environmentalist and philanthropist. In 1998, he created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to support organizations and initiatives dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet. Since that time, Leonardo has built longstanding relationships with some of the great leaders and thinkers on the planet, staying continually engaged and active on the most pressing issues we face – climate change, access to clean water, protecting biodiversity, oceans conservation and disaster relief.

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