How to check the sustainability of a leather item?

I love leather furniture, purses, shoes, bags. And I would love to know how environmentally & socially sustainable these items are… How to check?”

A fair question from Suzanne Doho, Coordinator Order Fulfilment at Royal Smit & Zoon in her globe story.

Conscious consumers do need to put in some research to find leather items that are made with an eye for the environment. Luckily more and more brands are sharing how materials are made and sourced, to make it easier to make that responsible choice.


Certifications & hang tags

Check the product description or labels on the products. Does it mention where the leather comes from, how it is made or does it give certifications? For example, Leather Working Group certifications and hangtags on products are starting to make the way through to the consumers. Brands that make this a priority will talk about these things.

Sustainability filters

More and more webshops give you the option to filter on sustainable choices. That saves you some time! For example, de Bijenkorf, a Dutch renowned chain of premium department stores in the Netherlands, makes it possible to filter on sustainability and gives you the sustainability features of the product.


More tips

Make a list of brands that you know are frontrunners in using leather made without hazardous chemicals. You can find more guidelines in sourcing responsible leather in this article.

On you find products that are made with circular, biodegradable and compostable leather.

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