Free Formaldehyde

Free formaldehyde

Smit & zoon’s share of a synopsis on the topic ‘Free formaldehyde’. Learning about the origin of the chemical, producing formaldehyde free leathers, releasable formaldehyde, testing leather chemicals (ISO 27587) and leather (ISO 17226-1 or VDA 275) on free formaldehyde, etc…

Regulations about the use and release of formaldehyde are becoming bigger challenges for the leather industry every year. Formaldehyde chemistry is interesting but also complicated. This makes communication about this topic between commercial and technical professionals somewhat difficult. Many misunderstandings exist, sometimes leading to wrong choices. In this whitepaper, we try to give an overview that requires only a basic understanding of chemistry, however, is complete and scientifically correct. It is our objective to simplify communication about this topic .

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