Environmental Sustainability Explained: Understanding the Basics

Sustainability is a key topic in every business. But also a complex one – especially in the fashion, automotive and footwear industry, which are encountering a selection of alternative materials and sometimes confusing messaging about the sustainability of materials, like leather.

How do you – as a designer, leather manufacturer, brand or OEM – judge these messages and statements and source the most sustainable materials for your product? To know the answer to this question you must first understand the concepts and standards of sustainability and how to quantify it.

Webinar Understanding the basics of environmental sustainability

This 45-min webinar covers an easy-to-follow explanation of terminology, concepts and basic standards on the topic of sustainability. You will get insights into the possibilities to assess environmental sustainability in the leather value chain. This webinar will also give you a checklist that will help you make the right decisions in responsible chemical and material sourcing.

This webinar took place on September 30, 2021 and is part of a series of two webinars about Sustainability.



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