Environmental Sustainability Explained: Life Cycle Assessments

Every industry, every product makes an impact on the environment. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method to quantitatively analyze that impact throughout a product life cycle. It is a very valuable tool to, for example, support brands in choosing responsible materials like leather. At the same time an LCA is a complex matter, of which it is important to know the possibilities and benefits but also the pitfalls.

Get to know facts & figures about Life Cycle Assessments and learn how to put an LCA to practice.

Webinar Sustainability & Data: Life Cycle Assessments

This webinar gives an in-depth explanation on using Life Cycle Assessment to quantify sustainability. You will learn what is and how to perform an LCA and how to interpret the outcomes. Moreover, the goal of this webinar is to acquire profound knowledge to source the most sustainable materials.

This webinar took place on October 11, 2021 and is part of a series of two webinars about Sustainability.



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