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Sustainable Leather

Is leather sustainable?

In itself, leather is a sustainable product by origin because it is a by-product from the meat industry. The leather industry is creating a unique material from a skin that would otherwise mostly end up as landfill. The leather industry is a highly regulated industry with responsible value chain partners manufacturing leather under tightly controlled auditing programs that are supportive to raise the standard of modern leather manufacturing.

Importance of sustainable leather

Brands increasingly source leather from leather manufacturers audited according to these standards and increasingly demand them to use chemicals that are certified according to the ZDHC levels. The growing importance of these standards is crucial for the leather industry to ensure that brands, designers and consumers value leather as a sustainable and unique material.

Smit & Zoon is a proud active supporter and collaborator with global standards in order to create a leather value chain that is as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability in the Leather Value Chain (FAQ)

In the FAQ paper ‘Understanding the Concept of Environmental Sustainability in the Leather Value Chain‘, we explain the basics for a better understanding of the concept of environmental sustainability, focusing on the leather industry.

In this context most of the generally recognized, common methods to measure sustainability such as biodegradability and LCA are also explained.

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