Design Challenge

Design Challenge 20|21

200 years of experience… 5 talented designers… 1 timeless shoe collection

With 200 years and seven generations of experience, we are proud of Smit & Zoon’s history. We also know that tradition is without value if not connected with ambition. That’s why we like to show our respect for the past by a clear path to an appealing and sustainable future.

Smit & Zoon’s Design Challenge is exactly on that path; supported by the expertise of the Arsutoria Design School, five designers were selected. Their goal was to create shoes for the high-end of the fashion industry, with an emphasis on the sustainability of their products. The challenge started in October and had its grand finale at the 200th anniversary of Smit & Zoon, in May 2021.

A tradition meets an ambition. A shoe shows a talent. A drop makes a difference.

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The assignment

The challenge for the designers was to create a shoe collection consisting of 6 styles in total with chrome-free and sustainably tanned leather. Their project was supposed to be timeless, adaptable to trends and time, and according to new social and environmental standards. All subsidiaries of Smit & Zoon have played their part in delivering sustainable leather, Nera for the tanning, Smit for the retaining, and Codyeco for the finishing. The leather article was tanned with the new innovation Zeology.

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