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Renewability Campaign by Royal Smit & Zoon

Renewability Campaign 2023 | Information for colleagues

Renewability is one of the building blocks of sustainability. But what does renewability mean? How can it be measured and how can it contribute to lowering our industry’s environmental impact? For tanneries and brands we have created a number of documents to share our knowledge and to present our bio-based product range.

New documents:

Renewability range

Discover our bio-based product range and EcoSimplicity tool to improve your leather recipe and processes towards more renewability and sustainability.

Download the brochure

renewability whitepaper

Whitepaper ‘Renewability of materials in the leather value chain’

A valuable document  to learn about the concept of renewability and zoom in on the renewability of leather, also in comparison to alternative materials.

Download the whitepaper

Whitepaper ‘ecoSimplicity’

We help customers create real impact and maximize environmental benefits by optimizing an entire leather recipe with our ecoSimplicity tool and bio-based solutions..

Download the whitepaper

How will we campaign?

  1. We will send out a newsletter to our subscribers and customers announcing offering the whitepaper and product brochure.
  2. Advertise in the known magazines, like ILM and ARS Tannery.
  3. Share content on a regular basis via our social channels.
  4. Launch a social media campaign among brands and tanneries with amazing creatives, like these:

Knowledge items about renewability

In our knowledge center we have added Renewability as a topic to share more information:

biobased materials

Bio-based materials vs renewable: what is the difference?

The term “renewable” has a broader meaning referring not only to source of materials but also to source of energy. Bio-based solutions are a way to achieve higher renewability.

leather crafts

Leather, a renewable material

Leather starts with a hide or skin, which is a natural material and 100% bio-based. By using products in the leather making process with a high level of bio-based content, the level of renewability of the material remains high.

Renewability and sustainability in the leather industry

As the world is focusing on how our economies are and the impact of the raw material and shipping issues, Royal Smit & Zoon does see more attention to actually define what are renewability and sustainability in chemicals and process.

How can you take part in the campaign?

  1. We will prepare LinkedIn posts for you to share. You will receive a notification in LinkedIn about it (recommended post). Of course you can also use these texts for your other social channels.
  2. You can share a link to the campaign page to your network
  3. For your customers there is a direct link available to download the product brochure
  4. Whitepaper can be downloaded via our knowledge center
  5. Available in hard copy: card & product brochure, for you to hand out to your customers. These are available through Danielle, contact her for more information.

Do you have any questions, remarks or ideas? Let us know and send an e-mail to [email protected].

The importance of renewability

The main driver of using bio-based and renewables is to avoid resource depletion. Moreover, it absorbs and stores CO2 (until its disposal) and thus lowers CO2 emission. Royal Smit & Zoon uses a wide range of classical and new innovative, bio-based ingredients for its products.