Natural floater / pebble for upholstery

Wet End
Optitan XD 828, Synthol GS 606, Synthol MC, Synthol YY 707, BioTan XP 01L and BioTan V
SKYTONE pigments
Article type
Full substance cow milled nappa


Spongy and comfortable leather with even natural milling pebble. A very natural finishing with an aniline look. High quality products in wet end to reduce costs and the environmental impact.

Product details

Key products included: 

Wet EndOptitan XD 828, Synthol GS 606, Synthol MC, Synthol YY 707, BioTan XP 01L and BioTan V
FinishingSKYTONE pigments.
UseBag leather
OriginTurkish bull
SubstrateWet Blue
Thickness1.4-1.6 mm
TypeUpholstery/Sofa leather
StyleNatural pebble




  • BioTan XP 01L
    Bio-based phenolic retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol.
  • Optitan XD 828
    Optitan XD 828 is a retanning agent designed for optimized application results and will give a medium-soft handle to the leathers and allows dyeings without too much bleaching.
  • Synthol GS 606
    The leather chemical Synthol GS 606 is a fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers.
  • Synthol MC
    The leather chemical Synthol MC is a phosphated fatliquor for Nappa, garment and upholstery leathers.
  • Synthol YY 707
    The leather chemical Synthol YY 707 is a special fatliquor blend for extremely soft and light weight leathers.

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BioTan XP 01L
Optitan XD 828
Synthol GS 606
Synthol MC
Synthol YY 707

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