Medium thick box calf leather for shoes

Wet End
ecoSimplicity concept for efficient sustainable process
RPF 4325, Cody Top 1774
Article type
Box calf


Medium-thick box calf for tough usage. Renewed classic box calf made with simplicity concept and a renewed finishing with a fashion metallic appearance.  

Product details

Key products included: 

Wet EndBioTan XP 01L, Optitan TD 636, Polyol AK, Synthol WP
FinishingRPF 4325, Cody Top 1774
Article typeBox calf
OriginEuropean cow
SubstrateWet blue
Thickness1.4-1.6 mm
TypeShoe upper




  • BioTan XP 01L
    Bio-based phenolic retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol.
  • Optitan TD 636
    Optitan TD 636 is a retanning agent designed for optimized application results and will tightens the structure without compacting it.
  • Polyol AK
    Fatliquor for very full and tight-grained upper leather.
  • Synthol WP
    Highly softening fatliquor with light water repellency.

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BioTan XP 01L
Optitan TD 636
Polyol AK
Synthol WP

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