Embossed printed upholstery leather

Wet End
Optitan LP 161 Synthol GS 606, Synthol Polyol HS 818 and Synthol YY 707
Article type
Light embossed waxy


Light embossed leather with vegetable look. Contemporary sofa sports stylish seams and tufting along with panelled flare arms in eye-catching leather. High quality products in wet end to reduce costs and the environmental impact. A finishing focussed on natural upgrading and additionally a fashion ‘Crazy-waxy-look has been realized.

Product details

Key products included: 

Wet EndOptitan LP 161, Synthol GS 606, Polyol HS 818 and Synthol YY 707, Syncotan APS L
FinishingBASEMASK 5481, BASEMASK 5566 and SMITWAX 1488/N
Article typeLight embossed waxy
OriginTurkish bull
SubstrateWet Blue
Thickness1.4-1.6 mm
TypeUpholstery/Sofa leather




  • Optitan LP 161
    A low bisphenol phenolic based powder syntan for the retanning process of wet blue, wet white and Zeo White.
  • Polyol HS 818
    The leather chemical POLYOL HS 818 is a pourable lecithin-based fatliquor for all very soft articles en is best used in combination with other fatliquors up to 50% of the total amount.
  • Synthol GS 606
    The leather chemical Synthol GS 606 is a fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers.
  • Synthol YY 707
    The leather chemical Synthol YY 707 is a special fatliquor blend for extremely soft and light weight leathers.

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Optitan LP 161
Polyol HS 818
Synthol GS 606
Synthol YY 707

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