Classical nappa for white sports shoe

Wet End
Optitans XD 828, Optitan LP 161, Synthol SF 838
HP range
Article type
White sports shoe upper nappa


Tight and soft nappa in white colour with excellent light fastness, heat yellowing and water repellence for long lasting whiteness. High quality products in wet end to reduce costs and the environmental impact. High performance finishing with the HP product range.

Product details

Key products included: 

Wet EndOptitan XD 828, Optitan LP 161, Synthol SF 838
FinishingHP range, Cody Ground 6306, Compound CP 500 and Cody Top PL 1740
Article typeNatural Floater 
OriginEuropean cow
SubstrateWet Blue
Thickness1.3-1.5 mm
TypeShoe upper




  • Optitan LP 161
    A low bisphenol phenolic based powder syntan for the retanning process of wet blue, wet white and Zeo White.
  • Optitan XD 828
    Optitan XD 828 is a retanning agent designed for optimized application results and will give a medium-soft handle to the leathers and allows dyeings without too much bleaching.
  • Synthol SF 838
    Sulphated fatliquor for soft and tight-grained leather.

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Optitan LP 161
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