Soft and Smooth Upholstery

Soft and Smooth Upholstery

Article Type
Buffed, smooth upholstery
BASEMASK 5295 and SMITFIX G 9663
Wet end
Optitan LP 161, BioTan XP01L, Biotan V, Synthol GS 606, Sulphirol AF 300, Sulphirol FL 328
Article Type
Buffed, smooth upholstery


A smooth, modern silky sofa leather with a very flat grain which has a warm tight, soft and waxy touch. The article is made using high quality products in Wet End to reduce costs and the environmental impact.

Product details

Key products included:

Wet EndOptitan LP 161, BioTan XP 01L, Biotan V, Synthol GS 606, Sulphirol AF 300, Sulphirol FL 328
Article typeBuffed, smooth upholstery
UseBag leather
OriginTurkish bull
SubstrateWet Blue
Thickness1.1-1.2 mm
TypeUpholstery/Sofa leather




  • BioTan XP 01L
    Bio-based phenolic retanning agent with no detectable bisphenol.
  • Optitan LP 161
    A low bisphenol phenolic based powder syntan for the retanning process of wet blue, wet white and Zeo White.
  • Sulphirol AF 300
    The leather chemical SULPHIROL AF 300 is a low fogging fatliquoring agent for automotive leathers and nappas.
  • Sulphirol FL 328
    Sulphirol FL 328 is a biobased, leather softener.
  • Synthol GS 606
    The leather chemical Synthol GS 606 is a fibre relaxing polymer softener for flat grained leathers.

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BioTan XP 01L
Optitan LP 161
Sulphirol AF 300
Sulphirol FL 328
Synthol GS 606

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