Smit & Zoon achieves highest level of ZDHC certification

Smit & Zoon achieves highest level of ZDHC certification

By Erik de Potter

We are proud to announce that Smit & Zoon has received the highest level of ZDHC certification, proving that our products meet all requirements connected to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

All our Smit branded wet-end products produced in the Netherlands received level 3 certification; certification of the rest of our global portfolio, consisting of both Smit and Codyeco branded products, is scheduled for 2020. Certified products can be found in the ZDHC GateWay, a database of MRSL compliant products.

Certification is the result of our relentless drive and ongoing sustainability mission to make the leather value chain sustainable. We achieved this through a company-wide focus on sustainability, operational excellence and outstanding service.

To be named one of the leading companies towards a more sustainable supply chain by a respected organisation like ZDHC is a great reward for our effort. It is now up to the brands to continue to drive sustainability and to ensure that consumers get leather products from trusted sources.

ZDHC is an organisation initiated in 2011 by 6 fashion brands aiming for a more sustainable operation. Currently, ZDHC has grown to 30 signatory brands, 102 value chain affiliates (including suppliers of chemicals) and 18 associates. Smit & Zoon has been a contributor since early 2018. The Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) used in the Chem-MAP certification sets restrictions to the chemicals that can be used in the production process of leather articles. This is a much wider scope than a regular Restricted Substances List, which only defines restrictions for the finished article.

Smit & Zoon can invite leather manufacturers access the ZDHC GateWay. This will allow you to easily assess your chemicals inventory for ZDHC conformance. Please contact us if you want to receive our invitation.

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