Smit expands range of sustainable Wet-end chemicals

Smit Wet-End is introducing three new wet-end product solutions:

  • Low Bisphenol containing Optitan TD 636L and Optitan TD 636 are added to the existing Optitan range
  • The Sulphirol portfolio has been extended with Sulphirol FL 328, a 70% biobased leather softener.

The launch of these products contributes to Royal Smit & Zoon’s mission, to create a more sustainable leather value chain, by using more bio-based products and lower emission rates.

Optitan TD 636: Reduced emission on Bisphenol-S

The Optitan range has been introduced in 2020 to offer tanneries state-of the art performance on emissions, heat yellowing and light fastness. This range of high concentrated products are more sustainable alternatives to existing retanning agents, while possibly lowering the cost per hide.

Smit is now adding Optitan TD 636 (powder) and Optitan TD 636L (liquid) to this range with reduced emission values on Bisphenol-S and Formaldehyde and Free Phenol. With Optitan TD 636 Smit Wet-End is providing a solution for the expected regulations on bisphenols in leather.

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Sulphirol FL 328, 70% biobased

An example of our innovation and continuous efforts to replace existing chemicals with sustainable alternatives is Sulphirol FL 328. This softener agent is 70% biobased and provides tanneries a sustainable alternative to Synthol FL 327 without compromising on leather performance.

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